​Pigment Removal
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    2. Picosecond laser DevicePicosecond laser device features with narrow pulse duration and high repetition frequency. Based on the principle of photomechanical shock wave rather than the heat effect, picosecond laser breaks melanin granules so that they can be easily absorbed by metabolism. Picosecond laser device can minimize the side effects of the heat effect and solve almost all kinds of pigmented spots, whose effect is better than traditional laser skin lightening.
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    2. Fractional CO2 Laser MachineBased on the theory of selective photothermolysis, the fractional CO2 laser machine has the advantages of rapid and remarkable effects, minor side effects and short recovery time, which are the combination of the merits of both the invasive treatment and the non-invasive treatment. The treatment with fractional laser refers to evenly perforating micro-holes on the skin with laser to induce a series of biochemical reactions, thus to achieve the effects of skin tightening, skin tendering, and removal of colored spots. The fractional laser treatment covers only part of skin tissues, and the newly perforated holes will not overlap each other...
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    2. Nd:YAG Laser tattoo removal systemLong wavelengths allow laser light to penetrate more deeply to the corium layer, and heat generated in the hair shaft diffuses to the stem cell and matrix targets to cause desired damage. Due to the short action time (lasting only several nanoseconds), the pigment expands rapidly after absorbing high-energy lasers in an instant, and then cracks into fine granules that are phagocytize by macrophages and then excreted from the body, thus lightening the pigments and whitening the skin.
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