​Vascular Removal
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    2. 980nm Diode Laser Vascular RemovalLaser with a specified wavelength is absorbed by hæmatoporphyrin in small vessels to the utmost under the conditions of certain time and energy, leading to the coagulation and final dissipation of this vessel. The laser can remove couperose skin without damaging the skin, at the same time stimulates the growth of collagen in the dermis, and increases the thickness and density of the epidermis, thus obviously enhancing the elasticity and immunity of the skin without exposing the blood vessel.
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    2. High frequency vascular removalThis high frequency vascular removal machine will produce 30,000,000 Hz ultra-high frequency electromagnetic oscillation to break down hemoglobin collaboratively with the unique soft silk (thinner than hair) within 1/1,000 second. Then the heat released is transmitted to the undersurface of the skin to remove diseased capillaries, and break intravascular hemoglobin into small molecules that will be absorbed by skin tissues, thus realizing permanent removal of couperose skin.
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