​Tattoo Removal
    1. ND: YAG Laser hair removal systemLong wavelengths allow laser light to penetrate more deeply to the corium layer, and heat generated in the hair shaft diffuses to the stem cell and matrix targets to cause desired damage. Due to the short action time (lasting only several nanoseconds), the pigment expands rapidly after absorbing high-energy lasers in an instant, and then cracks into fine granules that are phagocytize by macrophages and then excreted from the body, thus lightening the pigments and whitening the skin.
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    2. Picosecond laser DevicePicosecond diode laser device features with narrow pulse duration and high repetition frequency. Based on the principle of photomechanical shock wave rather than the heat effect, picosecond laser breaks melanin granules so that they can be easily absorbed by metabolism. Picosecond pulsed diode lasers can minimize the side effects of the heat effect and solve almost all kinds of pigmented spots, whose effect is better than traditional laser skin lightening.

We are a specialized laser tattoo removal machine manufacturer, located in China. In addition, we also provide IPL skin rejuvenation equipment, E-light beauty equipment and oxygen jet skin care equipment, etc. Here is the introduction of our four types of laser pigment removal equipment. These four models beauty machine have the same technical parameters but with different outer cases for our customers to choose. They are extensively used in professional beauty hospitals, clinics, laser beauty institutions, spas and beauty salons.

Working principles

The laser tattoo removal machine is designed for the treatment of lesion tissue in epidermis and dermis. By generating laser light at wavelength of 1064nm or 532nm, the pigment removal equipment can induce the pigment particles to expand instantly and finally to be expelled from human body.

Applications and Features

Laser tattoo removal machine is often used to remove tattoo and color spots. This machine can bring you an instant effect without scars, scabs, marks or damages and has no harm to the normal tissues. It has already won high customer satisfaction.

Why choose Noble laser tattoo removal equipment?
  • Our laser tattoo removal machine is equipped with radiators that are often installed in BMW and Audi automobiles. This ensures the equipment can work 24 hours continuously.
  • This pigment removal equipment has four languages for you to choose, and it comes with environmental power supply conforming to CE standard.
  • With independent laser cavity, this laser tattoo removal equipment has fewer faults and has no polarized light and edge light.
  • The voltage of this equipment can reach up to 1000V, and its energy is 20% higher than any other laser tattoo removal machine.
Technical Parameters of Speed-5, Speed-6, Speed-8, Speed-9
Laser Type Q-Switched Nd: YAG laser
Head 1064nm&532nm&Black doll
Pulse energy Single Pulse: 1000mj
Duration (WIDTH) 6ns
Pulse Repetition Rate 1-6Hz,Adjustable
Voltage 500-1000v,Adjustable
Indicator light Ruby indicator
Treatment Area 1mm² - 7mm²
Cooling Method Closed-loop de-ionized distilled water cycle
Power Supply 220V/110V ±10% 50Hz/60Hz 
Weight 20 kg
Tilt sensor available
Language English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, German, Russian
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