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This product has been discontinued and removed from our shelves.

Thermal Fractional RF Equipment

  •  Thermal Fractional RF Equipment
  •  Thermal Fractional RF Equipment

This thermal fractional RF equipment is recently developed with new technique by Noble Laser. It is the fourth generation Thermage machine only with medical version radio frequency invented by Noble.

This beauty equipment removes wrinkles without causing trauma. After less than one hour's treatment, users will see apparent effects. The RF thermal beauty machine can solve problems like sagging and wrinkles at the same time. It is an excellent alternative non-surgical firming and wrinkle removing machine, better than lifting surgery.

1. Wrinkle removal and skin rejuvenation
2. Freckles elimination and skin whitening
3. Acne and acne scars reduction
4. Recover of skin elasticity
5. Skin texture improvement
6. Eye pouch and wrinkles removal
7.Body mechanism improvement

Work Principle
This thermal fractional RF equipment heats the deep collagen rich layers of your skin through radiofrequency technology. After heating, the existing collagen will be remodeled and new collagen appears, improving the smoothness and texture of the skin surface.

Different from some other treatment, this radio frequency beauty machine needs no surgery, injection and downtime. It is applicable for all skin types on and off the face. Although the laser and other radiofrequency treatment are available in smoothing the surface of the skin, the thermal RF equipment heats more deeply.

Capable of heating the innermost layers of skin, this thermal fractional RF equipment becomes the most effective collagen renewing machine, giving users smooth and sleek skin and younger looking.

1.Our thermal fractional RF equipment features convenient operation and convenient replacement of tips.
2. There is no thermal damage and pain for the treatment.
3. This radio frequency beauty machine works in a fast way to remove the wrinkles.
4. It is equipped with 6 independent treatment handles. Its light weight ensures reduced delivery cost.
5. Disposable pins prevents the cross infection, keeping healthy treatment.
6. The USB interface behind the machine ensures convenient system upgrading.
7. Generally speaking, the treatment effect can last for two years. Users can also enhance the beautify effect by additional treatments.
8. This thermal fractional RF equipment costs less than comparative surgical procedures while achieving the similar effect.


Technology Thermal RF Technology
Screen 5.7/8.4 inch color touch screen
Thermal RF treatment handle 6 types
RF Energy Level 1~25 J/cm
RF Tips Pins 21pins, 177pins, 371pins (lattice RF tips pins), 121pins, 169pins, 225pins (Fractional RF tips pins)
Thermal RF Types Interval pulse
Cooling System Water circulation + semi-conductor cooling system
Power Supply 220V/110V ±10%
Continuous Working period 24 hours
Language English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, German, Russian, etc.
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