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Oxygen Jet Skin Care Equipment

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Hi, thank you for your visit to Noble Laser website! We are a professional oxygen jet skin care equipment manufacturer, located in China. Our main products include IPL skin rejuvenation equipment, E-light beauty equipment and body slimming machine, etc. The picture shows our oxygen jet skin care equipment which can mix medical oxygen and nutrient solution totally, and then spray the mixed solution onto skin through special designed nozzles. Nutrients and drugs can also be added into the nutrient solution to improve the oil secretion of the sebaceous glands so as to achieve the purpose of cleaning the skin.

Noble oxygen jet skin care equipment is designed for scar removal, acne treatment, skin whitening and softening, wrinkle reduction and stimulating hair growth. Its fuctions are specified as follow.
1. Function as a scar removal equipment to eliminate all kinds of scars such as scar caused by laser injury, burn and surgery, etc.
2. Function as an acne treatment device to eliminate blain acne, scabby acne, allergic cane and papilla acne, etc., thus improving the appearance of lipidic skin and acne pit.

3. Ideal skin care equipment for skin whitening and softening, facial lifting and tightening, eye bag and black eye circle removing, and weary skin and gloom yellow skin improving, etc.
4. Serve as a wrinkle removal equipment to reduce wrinkles around canthus.
5. As this oxygen jet skin care equipment offers enough oxygen, it can also be used to stimulate the regrowth of hair. It has good effect for the treatment of alopecia areata, baldness, and so on.

Why choose Noble equipment?
1. The most advanced skin renew technology
Unlike traditional skin care machinery using chemistry skin renew technology, our oxygen jet skin care equipment requires only water and oxygen only. Hence, Noble products won't cause any skin infection and side effects, and are much safer to use.
2. The most safe treatment way
As we have mentioned above, this oxygen jet skin care equipment only needs oxygen and water for treatment and produces no side effect. It can melt collagen, vitamin C into water so as to speed up skin renew. The treatment depth can be controlled manually, which ensures safety and simple operation.
3. The most comfortable treatment process
During the treatment process, you will feel comfortable because the air becomes fresher due to oxygen increasing.

Technical parameters of oxygen jet skin care equipment, Diamond-A

Oxygen & Water Peel System + LED System
Gas resource Medical oxygen
Gas pressure 0.3Mpa-0.5Mpa 43.5Psi-72.5Psi
Oxygen flux 25-40L/min
Liquid flux 1.5-2.5ml/min
LED wavelength LED Red 620nm blue 460nm
LED amount LED 1200
Circumvolving corner 360º
Weight 25Kg
Power supply 110/220V±10% 6A/3A

In addition to skin care beauty equipment, we can also produce IPL skin rejuvenation equipment, E-light beauty equipment, and laser tattoo removal equipment, etc. Meanwhile, we also offer quality after sales services. We provide our beauty equipment with a warranty period of 1 year and lifetime maintenance services. Due to this, our beauty machines are successfully exported to America, Britain, Spain, Italy, Argentina, South Africa, Singapore and Japan, etc. We can deliver goods in 3 work days. If you are in need of oxygen jet skin care equipment or related beauty device, we welcome you to contact us!

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