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Laser Teeth Whitening Machine

  •  Laser Teeth Whitening Machine

Working Theory
The laser teeth whitening machine is designed for a large variety of oral soft tissue procedures through soft tissue laser with wavelength of 810nm or 980nm. Solid state diode is adopted as laser energy source. Through flexible fiber connection of laser source and the hand piece, the energy will be transferred to the operating area. The whitening efficiency is highly improved.

The dramatically short time treatment of the laser teeth whitening machine not only avoids excess heat and sensitivity to other whitening devices, making the patient comfortable, safe and confident.

Application of Dental Soft Tissue Laser Equipment
1. Crown lengthening
2.Gingival sulcus debridement and curettage
3.Gingivectomy and gingivoplasty
4.Apthous ulcers treatment
5.Removal of biopsies and fibromas
6. Fiber access implant
7.Orthodontic case
8.Teeth bleaching and whitening


Wavelength 810nm or 980nm
Output Power 0.5~7.0W
Operation Mode CW or pulsed
Aiming Beam 3mw/635nm red diode
Power Source AC 110V~240V, 50Hz

Benefits for Dentists
1.The laser teeth whitening machine offers precise incision, excision and ablation, helping dentists to keep the quality of work.
2. With this dental machine, the dentist obtains more different practice.
3. Working at clear operating field, this dental soft tissue laser equipment can reduce the stress of dentist.
4. It gets more patients cured and increases the revenue of dentists.
5. The laser machine offers better fiber access, high efficiency and versatility for various applications.

Benefits for Patients
1.Our laser teeth whitening machine gets patients healed quickly with minimal or no bleeding, no swelling, minimal pain and inconvenience.
2. It uses minimal or no anaesthesia and reduces the infection after operation.
3. Patients will be seated in chair for a shorter time with less anxiety in the treatment.
4. It only needs one visit for patients to whiten their teeth.
5. With quality treatment, the teeth whitening equipment achieves the predictable effect in a shorter time than expected.

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