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Lipo Laser Slimming Equipment Plus

  •  Lipo Laser Slimming Equipment Plus
  •  Lipo Laser Slimming Equipment Plus
  •  Lipo Laser Slimming Equipment Plus
  •  Lipo Laser Slimming Equipment Plus

Lipo laser slimming equipment adopts the newest technology for weight loss. iThin LP-A lipo laser slimming equipment can treat several patients at the same time. In addition to this model, we also provide iThin LP-B/ iThin LP-C lipo laser slimming equipment which connects lipo laser and radio frequency together. This equipment is not only has the function of fat removal, body slimming and shaping, but also offers fatigue elimination, wrinkle removal and skin lifting, etc. Besides, lipo laser slimming equipment can promote and accelerate body's metabolism.

1.Lipo laser slimming equipment has 2 small probes with 1 diode laser and 6 big probes with 10 diode laser. 8-12 probes in total optional
2. Global advanced technology to reduce fat, the new creative style for cellulite reduction.
3. Japan imported diode laser.
4. Germany imported connectors, enhance the stability of output.
5. Heat dissipation in handpiece, lower the temperature during treatment.
6. Non-intrusive treatment without anaesthesia or wounds

Specifications of Lipo Laser Slimming Equipment
Laser wave length 650nm
Maximum output power 6200mw
Single output 100mw
Numbers of treatment probe 8-12
Numbers of diode laser 82-122
Numbers of diode laser in each pad 2-10
RF frequency 1 -40MHz adjustable
RF energy 5-450J adjustable
Power supply 110/220V+10%50Hz/60HZ 6A
Net weight 8kg
Continuous working period 24 hours
Language English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, German, Russian, etc.

Working Mode
The Lipo laser slimming equipment gives out low levels laser energy, the fat cell membranes are disrupted, which makes the cell to lose its round shape by changing the permeability of cell membrane. But this will not affect the neighboring structures such as skin, blood vessels, and peripheral nerves.

Spilling out from the broken cell membranes, triglycerides are released into the interstitial space, where they are slowly transported through the body's natural metabolic functions. This will cause no adverse physiological effect and triglycerides are used by body as an energy source. This mechanism of action, not “liquefaction of fat” or lypolysis, is the instant emptying out of the cells.

Reasons to Choose Noble Laser
1. We can provide you with the ex-factory price and best machine price and other trade companies cannot offer this price.
2. Noble Laser is ISO 13485 approved supplier and our all products have passed CE certificate. Thus, we can offer you reliable quality products to maximize your benefits.
3. We can promise to send you machines within 3-5days after you pay.
4. Our company can provide you with the most professional OEM service and produce equipment according to your demands.
5. 24-hour after-sale service is available aiming to help customers solve problem promptly.

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