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Thermage Fractional RF Skin Resurfacing Machine

Fractional RF, Thermal RF, Thermagic RF, RF, Face lifting, Body Shaping

How it works
Thermal fraction RF (Radio frequency) introduces fractional RF technology, which helps to create heat and make the collagen tissue heat, thus to make the skin healthier and more flexible. Besides, it also stimulates the collagen to keep regenerating and reorganizing constantly for smoother skins. Different from other treatments, thermage fraction RF is one of the non-surgical face resurfacing method, so it requires no treatment injection and no recovery time. All kinds of skins are suitable for the machine.
In addition, though laser treatment and other RF treatments also result in smooth skin, they will never reach a treatment depth like that of thermage fractional RF. Thermage fractional RF releases heat to the innermost skin, thus it has become the most effective device for collagen reproduction, skin smoothness and tightness.

1. Thermage fractional RF serves as a skin care for wrinkle removal, skin tightening, face lifting.
2. It could be used to remove freckles and whiten skins.
3. Acnes, scars and skin pores could be removed.
4. Soft, smooth, elastic and well-hydrated skin will be achieved. Meanwhile , collagen will be reproduced.
5. Eye problems, such as eye bags and wrinkles surround eyes, could be solved.
6. Weight loss and body shaping could be realized.

1. Specially designed treatment heads is introduced for the fourth generation of Noble Laser’s Thermage fractional RF skin resurfacing machine, allowing a larger treatment area, shorter treatment distance and faster treatment.
2. Thermage fractional RF skin resurfacing machine enjoys a dramatic and lasting effect. Its result could last for one to two years for a single treatment.
3. Thermage fractional RF skin resurfacing machine needs no recovery time and is suitable for all kinds of skins.
4. The machine adopts a highly advanced cooling system, well preventing thermal defect and ensuring a comfortable treatment.
5. Non-invasive needles are installed on the handpiece of thermage fractional RF skin resurfacing machine, which is quite safe and hygiene. Their adoption well prevents the occurrence of cross-infection. Meanwhile, since these needles are not disposable, manufacturing cost will be largely reduced.
6. Six handpieces are available in Noble Laser, which could be used in different body parts, such as body, face and eyes.

Type Thermage Fractional RF
Energy 1~60 J/cm2
Handpiece 6 types
Tips Pins 21pins, 177pins, 371pins (round)
121pins, 169 pins, 225 pins (square)
Thermal RF Types Interval pulse
Cooling System Air + water + semiconductor cooling
Screen 5.7~10.4 inch color touch screen
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