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Hair Removal

Thanks for visiting our page of hair removal machine. IPL skin rejuvenation equipment, E-light beauty equipment showing here can be used to remove hair effectively. They all use advanced technologies, so you can feel secure in using them. For instance, according to the principle of skin's selective absorption on light, IPL hair removal equipment is designed to generate intense pulsed light at different wavelength, thus selectively acting on human body. To be specific, while acting on subcutaneous pigment, the IPL beauty machine will generate light at 530-1200nm, and while acting on vein, the beauty equipment will generate light at 585-1200nm. Then, through photothermy and photochemical effects, the equipment can break up the pigments and congeal the veins, and finally achieving the hair removal effect.

All our hair removal machines are CE certified and now extensively used in America, Canada, Britain, South Africa, Russia, Thailand and Japan, etc.

In addition to hair removal machine, we also provide wrinkle removal equipment, laser tattoo removal machine and body slimming machine, etc. If you are interested in our beauty equipment, please contact us. We sincerely hope you can get your ideal hair removal machine at Noble.

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